New MSI HYBRID Head Technology

MSI is proud to introduce our next generation HYBRID crimp technology, which combines two types of MSI’s patented crimp head technology to produce a new robust high force solution. This new crimping technology takes the robustness of the classic pivot head design and the diameter range capabilities of the CAM design and combines them to produce an improved crimping solution.

The design utilizes rear bearing activation, which provides lower bearing loads at the activation point combined with a mechanical advantage that results in reduced mechanical compliance and improved diameter repeatability. The HYBRID crimp head is designed to fit on new and existing MSI machine bases with minimal or no modifications required.

Benefits and Specifications:

  • Reduced maintenance through bearing robustness
  • Eliminates the need for disparity adjustment
  • Improved temperature profile 1°C
  • Improved diameter control and repeatability
  • Reduced friction

Balloon Expandable Stent Crimping Equipment:

  • Film and non-film offerings
  • Large diameter range from 0-60mm and working length from 60-180mm
  • High force capability (capable of 400lb activation force)
  • Constant gapping

Self Expanding Stent Crimping Equipment:

  • Improved CrimpPulse™ performance
  • In-field tip replacement
  • Constant gapping
  • Large diameter range from 0-60mm and working length from 150-350mm

Drug Coated Balloon Folding Equipment:

  • Working lengths up to 350mm
  • Increased film gap (Fold head 11mm, 6 pleat 8mm, 3pleat 22MM film gap)